Our Services

Smart Strong Solutions offers full-service IT support for all of your IT needs, Whether you’re a small business that needs hosted email exchange or a large organization who is building out a new data center, SSS can assist you with IT solution procurement, design, implementation, maintenance and support. See below what services we do.

IT Support

Smart Strong Solutions provide innovative services to help clients build and support highly optimized and reliable network infrastructures. With deep skills and knowledge, including industry-leading expertise..

Network Solutions

We offers network solutions from designing to deployment and implementation. Are you looking to setup a new network? You need to get in touch with one of our experts.You need to get in touch with one of our experts.

Network Security

Whether you have a computer network that you use for personal or professional purposes, its security is of the utmost importance. As soon as you set up your network, you will need to have some security in place to protect the

Server Installation

As one the most important assets of your organisation, your server manages key network resources. And having a healthy server is of paramount importance in today’s business environment.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Smart Strong Solutions have installed thousands of CCTV systems so far. We have always used the highest quality cameras and footage storage systems available to ensure that when you really need our systems they never..

Access Control Systems

Smart Strong Solutions offers a reliable and well tested Fingerprint Access Reader and Fingerprint Terminals for Fingerprint Entry, Access Control and Time Attendance. Suitable for Home, Office, Companies and Industry. All our

Software Developing

In order to address IT requirements, organizations at global level are gradually embracing open source technology. This ensures that product dependencies, high licensing costs, and vendor lock-ins can be avoided.

Telephone Systems

Smart Strong Solutions, with its many featured communication services, brings phone systems implementation and management to companies needing these services.

Web Designing

Looking for a reliable web design Team! Smart Strong Solutions is a trusted to accomplish the custom website design requirements in UAE. A greatly designed website is certainly the most important requisite for a business ..

Public Addressing Systems

It is a centralized amplifier based system that’s been designed to provide voice paging and to broadcast alarm tone during emergencies.The system can transmit alarm tone and routine voice messages...