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Network Security

Whether you have a computer network that you use for personal or professional purposes, its security is of the utmost importance. As soon as you set up your network, you will need to have some security in place to protect the information contained within it, whether it is account info, inventory, or interdepartmental communications. Once you understand how network security solutions work and why they matter, it becomes easier to develop or find the right one for your needs.

Smart Strong Solutions provides highly dependable network security solutions designed to protect the most advanced IT systems and computer networks. As the leading network security company in central Illinois, SSS’s network security solutions have earned a reputation for the highest level of protection, customer support and satisfaction.

Your company’s valuable data should not be at risk. Smart Strong Solutions can evaluate your current network security measures, recommend solutions to any problems, and protect your company from virus, malware and spam threats. Our experts can implement advanced hardware and software security solutions.

Our business IT specialists can also recommend and implement policies and procedures that tighten your internal security. Our company helps a wide range of customers with network security services for both simple and complex IT systems. We staff highly trained IT specialists who use proven processes and procedures.

In the realm of security solutions for your network, there are simple options that anyone can easily understand as well as more complicated ones. Some of the simplest include anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. Almost everyone with a personal computer will have these programs installed on their device, and they are fairly straightforward. You will also need a firewall, which will block those without authorization from accessing your network. This is the first step in preventing them from gathering information, as they cannot do so without accessing the network.

While those two solutions can usually be enough for most personal computers with a small network and little sharing of information, businesses need more. Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are designed to detect and then block attacks before they do any damage. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are essential for businesses where team members need remote access. These VPNs ensure that the remote access is secure, greatly limiting the number of threats and making VPNs an important part of network security solutions.